Defend Venice is an outspoken movement in Venice, CA, that directly challenges the oppressive mechanisms and social models that have marginalized Brown, Black, and traditional residents for too long. We are committed to advancing social and economic equity by empowering residents with the tools they need to fight back against gentrification, Anglo-centric narratives, and other forms of oppression stemming from capitalism and white supremacy. We are the only BIPOC activism organization directly challenging racism and classism in Venice, CA.

On this site you will find perspectives and representation not found in any other westside publication. You will also come across ways to authentically participate in subverting the homogenization of Venice and it’s current path of de facto segregation that displaces Brown, Black, and other working class Venetians harmed by capital and real estate speculation.



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Venice History Archives

Venice CA Chicano Mexican History

Venice Chicano History

A collection of  Chicano and Mexican-American history as it pertains to Venice,CA and Westside Los Angeles

Arthur Reese venice, CA

Venice Black History

Growing collection of Black History archives as it pertains to Venice, CA. Feel free to offer any historical pieces.

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