BLM Street Mural Coming to Venice

BLM Street Mural Coming to First Baptist Church of Venice

Black Lives Matter themed street mural coming to the heart of Oakwood at E.L. Holmes Square, aka 7th & Westminster Ave.,  aka First Baptist Church of Venice. Los Angeles City Council approved the installation today ( January 20, 2021.) The design is yet to be finalized but will spell out “Black Lives Matter” in large letters on Westminster Ave, in front of the historic First Baptist Church of Venice edifice.

Every acknowledgement counts in the fight against systemic racism and establishing cultural equity in our community .

Would like to thank Councilperson Bonin and CD11 for helping with this.

#BlackSpacesMatter #BlackChurchesMatter



A new #BlackLivesMatter mural is coming to the heart of the Oakwood neighborhood of Venice.
Today, the City Council approved the community request for authorization of and funding for a mural to be installed on the street near the intersection of 7th Avenue and Westminster Avenue, next to the former First Baptist Church.
Residents requested the mural at the site where hundreds of people gathered last year to stand in solidarity with the national Black Lives Matter movement, following the murder of George Floyd. The location also underscores the cultural and historic significance of the church. Residents and I are working to secure cultural-historic status for the church, long the center of the Black community in Oakwood.
Stay tuned for details about the installation!
Kudos to Save Venice for the incredible advocacy!

mike bonin
Councilperson Mike Bonin