Traci Park

Keeping a flashlight on the white supremacy initiatives of West Los Angeles councilwoman Traci Park.

Unmasking the Racial and Classist Overtones
of  Traci Park’s Campaign and Policies

This page is dedicated to shedding light on the concerning  patterns  that have been emerging from Councilwoman Traci Park’s campaign and subsequent policies, highlighting the disturbing racial and classist undertones that have shaped her tenure.

Councilwoman Traci Park‘s affiliations, endorsements, and delayed responses to racially charged incidents, such as the vandalized Black Lives Matter mural in Oakwood, are not isolated events but rather a pattern indicative of a more disturbing dynamic. From receiving extensive financial backing from controversial entities like the LAPPL, to her alarming legal defenses against civil rights claims, her actions have consistently run counter to the principles of equity and racial justice.

It’s amazing how many like to play ignorant about the racist and classist implications of her language and actions considering how easy it is to find and identify. No more excuses.