Fmr Venice Chamber President Carl Lambert May Face Criminal Charges from City Attorney

Venice, CA Chamber Carl Lambert Faces Criminal Charges

When not manning Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) election boxes, being a key player in the Venice Chamber of Commerce’s (VCC) controversial takeover of the VNC, or evicting rent stabilized tenants from their homes, former Venice Chamber President Carl Lambert may now add fighting criminal charges to his list of activities.

Los Angeles City attorneys filed a lawsuit against property owner and Carl Lambert, alleging he refused to comply with orders telling him to stop operating Venice Suites, a 32-unit apartment building at 417 Ocean Front Walk, as a hotel and advertising it as one on the Internet.

The City Attorney also sued the owners and managers of Venice Beach Suites, 1305 Ocean Front Walk, alleging that William Andrew Layman, Rose Layman and Matthew Moore advertised the 30-unit apartment building online as a hotel.

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  1. Jeffrey Calhoun

    Carl Lambert reportedly in effect misappropriated 20 buildings in Venice CA when the owner passed on and instead of them going to his son they were stolen. The son had a picture of jimmy hendrix on his wall in what was taken and became venice horizon suites at 15 Horizon in Venice. The building under Carl Lambert became a haven for junkies who have wealthy parent etc. Carl Lambert could be prosecuted under Rico and all his property seized.

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