Videos Documenting Recent LAPD Harassment in Venice,CA

LAPD Gentrification Venice,CA Racial profiling

“Gang” Injunctions facilitate Gentrification

Why now? Why  the sudden re-initiation of the “gang” injunction and over the top police harassment of native Black and Brown Venice residents? There is no substantiation for the over-aggressive LAPD harassment, let alone substantiation for their hyper-presence in the Oakwood area of Venice, CA, and mind you, these are but a few accounts of the recent barrage of harassment by LAPD Pacific Division.

Your Voice Makes a Difference!

If you don’t like what you see here, make it known! Voice and document your accounts of LAPD harassment. Make it known to Internal Affairs and your local City Council officers that you will not tolerate this harassment. Give as much details as possible, names, actions, time, place, etc. As a note, the IOG office is a separate entity from LAPD.

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