VNC Board Member Releases Gentrification Slate for 2016 Election

Yesterday Venice Neighborhood Council Member Joe Murphy via e-mail released his Gentrification slate, or as he dubs it, his ‘Defang Factionalism’ slate. Mind you this is the man who drafted the VNC Vision Goals and frequently pushes it’s consideration at all the VNC board meetings.

We wonder where in this recommended list are the VNC Vision goals of encouraging “diversity,” “ a broader involvement of stakeholders,” and “level playing fields”  represented? How is that going to be accomplished by promoting a homogenous board comprised of all White new residents (minus Koslow)?

Many in Venice don’t like to factor in race dynamics when it comes to our community politics but many of us are not afforded that facade. Candidates like George Francisco and Melissa Diner while pushing for items that might look good on the surface come at the expense of Venice’s traditional community spirit and cultural & economic diversity.

Surely for Murphy being such a proponent of the VNC Vision Goals one would think he would include a more diverse and balanced suggestion, he’s obviously just talking the talk and not walking the walk. This slate is obviously only aimed to benefit developers and those reaping the benefit of hyper-displacement of original Venetians. If this slate gets elected you can kiss Venice goodbye.

Below is his e-mail:

JDM’s Recommended ‘Defang Factionalism’ Slate of VNC Executive Officers
The better-organized factions are likely to be able to elect their preferred VNC Executive Officers.
My selection below reflects my effort to ‘defang factionalism’ with individuals who have the flexibility to accomplish this.
I therefore recommend that you consider casting your 7 VNC Executive Officer votes as follows:
President- Ira Koslow
Vice-President- George Francisco
Treasurer- Hugh Harrison
Secretary- Melissa Diner
Communications- Officer Evan White
Outreach Officer- Hollie Stenson
LUPC Chair- Matthew Royce
Joe Murphy
[email protected]

We guess his ‘defang’ means removing diverse and community rooted people from the conversation and equation.

Make sure you get out to vote on June 5th at Oakwood Park Rec Center for a more diverse and balanced VNC board!


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